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Kidease Press Release

It Takes a Village to Sit a Child

With Kidease, your next trusted babysitter could be right around the corner

(Winnipeg) January 10,2020 – A Winnipeg-based childcare company is proving that you don’t need to look far to find the perfect babysitter.

Kidease is a new app available on the App Store and the Play Store. The app (designed by Integral App Studio) gives users the power to find childcare near them, chat with providers, set up appointments and pay their sitters, all on one easy-to-use mobile-friendly platform. With Kidease, users can feel confident that their children are in good hands without having to wait for hours for a qualified sitter or have their plans fall through last minute.

“As parents ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to be stuck looking for a sitter,” says Kidease Co-Founder Kyle Learnout. “We designed Kidease to be a no-fuss platform where parents could locate a sitter near them, and feel comfortable leaving their children with them.”

Learnout knew that, to get parents to use the app, safety would have to be the most important feature. That’s why Kidease has built-in safety protocols to make sure that parents know they can trust the caregivers on the app. To register as a Kidease caregiver, each applicant must pass rigorous background checks, provide documentation of their legal authority as caregivers and share their job qualifications with Kidease staff. Users can also communicate with sitters before hiring them to ensure that they can have all their questions answered in advance. Once a sitter completes a job, users can pay them directly through the app, and leave reviews to help the providers maintain a high rating and find more work.

“We want Kidease to be safe, fun and practical for both parents and caregivers,” says Learnout. “We know that there are amazing caregivers out there just waiting to be found, and that’s what Kidease will help parents do.”

Kyle Learnout is available for interviews about Kidease. To schedule an interview, contact Kidease at

About Kidease:

Kidease is the revolutionary new way for parents and professional caregivers to connect. Kidease allows parents to find a nearby licensed professional caregiver on a moment’s notice. Kidease is available on the App Store and the Play Store. For more information, go to

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